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5th Annual Operation Hope:, This year has been busy and I just haven't had the time but I do have 2 families

5th Annual Operation Hope:
This year has been busy and I just haven't had the time but I do have 2 families.
How this works... I don't ask alot of questions. I follow the "What would Jesus do?" principle and just go with the gut. I recieve nominations from someone who knows a family and not directly which weeds out people trying to take advantage.
Most don't know they are receiving help and nearly all of them would not have had much for Christmas and are truly in need.
I do have 2 family nominations that could use some love for the holidays. If you are compelled to help in anyway with a gift or holiday meal comment below.
**jFamily #1: Single mother and 5 kids
Girl -12, shirts-large, pants-16 juniors, she loves painting and arts and crafts.
Girl-10, shirts-large, pants-16 junior, she likes arts and crafts, diary of wimpy kid, emojis. Would love emoji sheet set.
Boy-6, shirt-7-8, pants-6-7, he likes LEGO play games, ninja turtles, cowboys football team.
Girl-2, shirts-3t-4or5tiddler, pants-3t-4 or 5t, she likes baby dolls, Disney movies and coloring, and books.
Boy-2, shirts2t-4t, pants-2t-4t, he likes cars, ninja turtles, coloring and books.
Mother: shirts-medium, pants-4-6, she likes cowboys football team, Alabama football team, perfume, makeup and candles.
Need a set of pots and pans. Could use bedding and sheets for two queen beds, two are twins, and one king. you get sheet sets.
***Family #2. Just had a house fire, lost everything, no insurance, abt promo code.
Boy-11 and wears size 10/12.
Boy- 9 and wears size 8.
Boy-7 and wears size 7.
Girl 4- and wears 4t.
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Update : 27-12-2017
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