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BOGO DAY 4, Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Here we go!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Here we go! You’re stuffing your turkey and doTERRA is stuffing the stockings! Today’s BOGO is a goodie, and I will keep it quick so you can get back to family fun.
TODAY ONLY Buy Lavender, get Peppermint FREE!!! Yes, everyone will want to stock up on this one! Normally $55.33 retail for both, you get this everyday set for $21 wholesale/$28 retail!!!
You will use PEPPERMINT in your brownies, to cool off a fever, to freshen up your breathe before stepping under the mistletoe, and to get rid of that headache from a few too many mimosas. Peppermint can also be great if you eat way too much fruitcake (or pizza in my case) or anytime your stomach is not happy!
You will use LAVENDER in your bath to treat yo’self, on your pillow to help you drift off to sleep, and on your baby's rash or a kitchen burn. Lavender will be your go to oil for all things skin!
These two oils are basics that every family needs. Be thoughtful and ask your family who else wants a set and then place your order online!
Limit of five per account, per household. Available in US, Canada and all NFR markets. Founded in 1948 by Richard Stack who owns the chain of the largest sporting goods retailer, Dicks Sporting Goods supplies the greatest quality sporting equipments at competitive prices, delivered by the best service to anywhere you want. Furthermore, Dicks Sporting Goods discount codes are always available to customer such as dicks coupons 20 coupon code, Dicks Sporting Goods coupon online, Dicks Sporting Goods coupons codes which are in stock at LiveCoupons.PV points cannot be used to purchase BOGOs.
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Update : 08-01-2018
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