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Down 4 inches around my waist and hips, Longer periods of uninterrupted...

⠀3 D A Y ⠀ R E S E T ⠀ R E S U L T S ⠀ A R E ⠀ I N
Down 7 pounds
Down 4 inches around my waist and hips
Longer periods of uninterrupted sleep
NO urges to eat 10 slices of toast a day (don’t laugh.. I was struggling)
FEWER urges to eat chocolate (though I have a chocolate shake for that purpose, so I’m not too worried).
1 TINY cup of coffee in the AM gets me going instead of 3 HUGE cups

More importantly, I believe in myself again. It’s been a hard month. I was too sick to workout for most of it, I let my nutrition slip, and it showed. It’s been a long time since I took before photos that I was embarrassed of. I needed a jumpstart, and I gave it to myself :)

Now, I believe in my discipline. I struggle sometimes, with my history of yo-yo dieting. Sometimes I become afraid to tell myself no because in the past, saying no meant some weird, unsustainable diet. I'm afraid to say no because it reminds me of the restrictive eating, of cutting carbs, doing keto, taking a bunch of supplements I bought on Amazon, or drinking weight loss tea that made me pee every 5 minutes. I slide into this headspace where “NO” transports me back to the way I felt then.. Always jittery but never energetic, uneasy looking in the mirror because I never knew if my “results” were real, or if they would last. I used to party so hard when I met my goal because on some level, I KNEW it wasn’t going to last, I KNEW I would end up on some other weird nutrition kick, so I felt this urge to eat all the foods I loved and enjoy myself because I KNEW shortly I’d be doing just the opposite.

The biggest thing this 3 day reset did for me was REMIND me that I use a nutrition plan that involves eating SO MUCH food I love. It reminded me that I ENJOY my food, it satisfies me, and I can say no so myself sometimes without sacrificing that. It reminded me that I’m not saying no to food I enjoy, I’m saying no to that on-again, off-again cycle, and YES to my journey, YES to my goals, and YES to feeling good.

Also my pants fit, which is pretty fantastic. If you want to know about this coupon then click here

Let me know if you need a jumpstart. I'm happy to help. I have a group of women planning to do it next week, and another group planning to start it January 2nd. Drop a in the comments or send me a message and let’s talk!
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Update : 27-12-2017
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