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Phu Tho - Vinh Phuc - Vietnam

Hi everyone, these pictures you see here our three wonderful pets that we use to have

Hi everyone, these pictures you see here our three wonderful pets that we use to have. To those who don't what their names are, the picture on the left that's buddy our lovable golden retriever. He was the best dog we have until we lost him in the year 2007. The picture to the right is our cat shadow and he was the best cats that we ever had until we lost him in the year 2013. And last but not least our second golden retriever on the right picture is name is Miller. Both Miller and buddy definitely the best dogs we had, I mean Miller jumps a lot, always happy to see us, and he loves us just as much as we love him. But sadly we lost Miller last year and it is truly hard to see our pets that we love so much go to heaven. Why am I posting this you ask? Because to those who lost their lovable pets, I just want anyone to know your not the only one who lose great pets but remember this, our pets will always be with you in your hearts and one day when we go to heaven will see our wonderful pets again but in the mean time our wonderful pets will always remember us, always. Click simply fashion clothes to save money and get coupon code, promo code
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Update : 17-12-2017
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