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Phu Tho - Vinh Phuc - Vietnam

I've been obsessing over "Ghoomar" from Padmavati all day

I've been obsessing over "Ghoomar" from Padmavati all day.
It takes me back to the 'golden' days of learning about the art, discipline, grace, and stories of various Indian classical and folk dance forms under my guru Sunanda Nair with my lovelies Annette, Sri, Navya, Sushee, Sheena, Viv, Ayesha, Meera, Kaushiki, Uvika, Shinjini, Sonica, Rajuli, Anshika, Niraja, and others -- the first girls I truly learned to dance with!
In fact, the Ghoomar dance for "Mera Assi Kali Ka Lehnga" was the first performance I ever did with this group.
Missing all of you and so many of those memories: dancing on scorching cement at APAS, spinning in the pouring rain to "Jogan Jogan", performing the most epic "Tillana" at DramaRama, road trips to Monroe and Rustin, Boogie Woogie auditions, and the epic BTS of Dashavatar.
Imagine a reunion performance! <3
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Update : 07-03-2018
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