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It's amazing how all these posts are aligning with what I'm working on in real time

It's amazing how all these posts are aligning with what I'm working on in real time. Purple Clover posted this and I just finished sharing an amazing video that I watched on
Afro-Latinos Sound Off On Racism In The Latin Community! [Video]…/afro-latinos-sound-off-on-racism-in-…/…
Being black has negative implications in just about EVERY single culture. These afro-latinos speak out against the culture they were raised in which is bias against their skin color.
And I was over the moon when I watched the video because not only were me and my grandmother conversing about this this morning but Steve Jobs has had me working on a lil project for the New Year in relation to this.
First, I'll share some points my grandmother and I spoke about this morning and in the comments I'll share what Steve Jobs has me working on.
As Afro-latinas I would have to say that we experienced that within our own family because my grandmother was "black" and my grandfather was "white." And my grandmother always told me the stories especially when I had to do a school project on culture. And my grandmother always taught me that people will treat you the way you treat yourself. Stand up for yourself, be who you are and don't worry who don't like you, but they gonna respect you.
Then we started talking about the Golden Globe Awards last night and I thought the "Time's Up" movement is great. However, the point that me and my grandmother spoke about was that in order to see progress you have to stand in truth 100%. And that means calling out family members and friends. The Time's Up movement cannot only apply to "the guy over there" it has to apply to everyone. So, there's lots of house cleaning to be done if real progress is expected because you're as strong as your weakest link.
Another point my grandmother and I conversed about is that a man cannot teach a girl how to be a woman. He can only teach her how she's supposed to be treated. And vice versa that a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man, but she can teach him how to treat women by respecting herself. Because children don't do what you say they do what you show them.
All this work begins with yourself because you cannot teach something you have not done 1st. And you can't condemn others on doing things that you yourself are doing. There's always a back door (ego) that disguises itself by saying the right things and even doing the right things, but the truth is that change only happens when we change our mentalities and behaviors, practice what we preach and live our truth. Oriental Trading Company is the largest catalog and internet retailer that provides affordable party and teaching supplies, arts, toy and novelties and seasonal and holiday décor. Great deals on thousands of items plus FREE shipping on everything are waiting for you at oriental trading coupon code 20 off. Use Oriental Trading coupon 20% OFF to get extra discounts in 2015.
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Update : 15-03-2018
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