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Nha Trang - Da Lat Tour

 Dalat is famous for being one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam with a cool atmosphere all year round and a lot of romantic scenery. Besides, most of Dalat's tourist attractions are within 10km radius of the center, so traveling by bike does not take too much time.
Choosing bicycles to roam will help visitors feel the fresh air here, immersed in the romantic space of Xuan Huong Lake, watching the city flower gardens and roaring in the Valley of Love ...


Cycling - Enjoy the experience of Da Lat
In addition, discovering the mysterious unspoiled beauty or exploring the indigenous culture of the city of Cao Nguyen by mountain bike will be a memorable and meaningful experience. This is the right kind of tourism that ensures the desired results. Normally, in Da Lat, there are two types of terrain activities of mountain biking, which are cycling around the city, immersed in the scenery of Ho Xuan Huong. Feel the cool, pure breath of the sky when walking in the green pine forest. Because this activity is gentle, only bicycling on easy, flat, less dangerous roads, participants have the opportunity to enjoy the peace in the cold here. Thanks to that, visitors dispel all the tired sorrows in the streets of crowded, but instead feel like relaxing in the realm dreaming.
Types of mountain biking, crossing the hills, visiting and exploring culture, indigenous people's lives are truly for those who love adventure and "challenge courage" with the name of it Mountain biking. This type of Nha Trang - Da Lat Tour requires the flexibility and toughness to ride bicycling through the unspoilt pine forests, steep slopes, bumpy roads, and rough terrain. insurance. Yes, the road must go through hard, not easy but when conquering, you will feel great when winning yourself, imagined by the cool breeze, fresh in the beautiful scenery of vast nature, majestic. Moreover, you will have fun experience nothing but learn the culture, customs, habits, join the game with native people here. Certainly it will be unforgettable memories at the end of the journey.
Discovering Dalat in a different angle, we will be surprised by the mysterious beauty of this land. And with each participant there will be different perceptions, but the most common one is that we feel life is more exciting in our journey.
Wish you have a great trip!
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Update : 31-01-2018
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