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I know it's December now but I had to take a second to recognize the Top 25 coaches on our team of over 2000+ coaches for the month of November!!
& as we all know the sweetest success’ in life often don’t come from what YOU accomplish alone but how you HELP inspire others accomplish what THEY want…right?!
&&&& since the “TOP” is determined by who helped the MOST people last month…. these babes deserve some SERIOUS love!!!
See someone you know up there?!
I would love to see you give them some love in a comment below or let us know how THEY have helped you!!
& I know this is LONGGGGG but I also wanted to take a quick second to highlight a tid bit of EACH of their stories because I am just SO freaking grateful each and every month to do life and business with these incredible humans.
Brittany Crosby: Wifey & ex- elementary teacher turned full time coach, battling stage 3 ovarian cancer like a BOSS as her and hubby Rees Crosby have made EPIC waves to help as many people as possible live on PURPOSE.
Alyssa Galios: Wifey and mom with #2 on the way, writing a book while her & hubby Jay Galios build their coaching business' TOGETHER as full time coaches empowering men, women and FAMILIES to take control of their health in all aspects.
Andrea Maldonado: Wifey, and mom who as a fitness enthusiast group fitness instructor who saw Beachbody as an even larger platform to serve women on their health & fitness journey!
Meggie Hoffman: Wifey and mom and ex-elementary teacher turned full time coach who has an incredible passion for holistic health and helping empower women to love their lives and find their inner STRENGTH in even the toughest times.
Cassie Bittinger: Corporate hustler who stumbled upon Beachbody finding a way to kick bootay into didic shape with her boy Shaun T, and a platform where she could build a COMMUNITY of like minded women in love with growth, friendship & the occasional Margartia.
Cherisse Redmond: Wifey and mom of 2, on a mission to show women they were made for MORE using Beachbody as a platform to connect women and moms who want to belong to something BIGGER than just them.
Jackie Christiansen: Huge hearted babe who fell in love with Beachbody products & products now using this business to share her passion for connecting and empowering women.
Casey Rishavy: Soon to be mama, health enthusiast and IIN grad who fell in love with Shakeology and all it’s superfoods and saw Beachbody as an incredible community and opportunity to have an f'ing INCREDIBLE time connecting and serving people in a massive way.
Shelly Mettling: Saucey entrepreneur with a dog walking business & coaching business who actually used to be a Personal Trainer until she found a passion with being authentic as F using social media and Beachbody as a platform to connect with babes all around the world on their journey toward self love.
Jacki Kouba: Ex corporate recruiter turned full time coach who saw Beachbody as a platform for her to create a lifestyle of ultimate freedom and help other women find their passion and BALANCE in life too.
Lo Curtis: Full time veterinarian who found Beachbody as platform to authentically connect with other women and build a community of “I’ve got you girl” DEEP friendships and pay off some student of her grad school loans in the process.
Megan Moreau: INCREDIBLE musician, badass and self-love enthusiast using Beachbody as a platform to connect women and help them find their inner badass.
Lacey Webber: Coach and powerhouse operations manager of our team, who found the convenience and simplicity of Beachbody fitness programs combined with a “oh my gosh girl me too” community to be the secret sauce that really lit her fire in life.
Melissa Bixby: Artist, and ex-crossfit coach and fitness enthusiast who is beyond passionate about helping people see their REAL potential and push the limits they’ve set for themselves in health, fitness and MINDSET.
Rachel Sampson: Bride to be (yay May) ex-teacher turned full time coach who has an incredible passion for building friendships and cultivating community with 20 & 30 somethings trying to find THEIR thing in life that lights them up.
Tara Wyman: Ex-Microsoft Project manager now coaching full time with a passion for helping babes develop side hustles, travel the world and make health and fitness more SIMPLE.
Thania G. Martin Full time corporate hustler who loves her job but builds this coaching business to have a platform get REALLY dang loud (my girlll ;) about authenticity and self love.
Danielle L Galmukoff Wifey and busy mom who actually ALSO owns her own business as a hair stylist! She loves to empower women to live their best lives and educate them on overall health and happiness.
Kinslee Elizabeth: Huge heated full time teacher and part time coach who has found a platform and deep passion for connecting and empowering other women and building a tribe she loves.
Marie Glaser: Full time corporate hustler and health enthusiast who had a background in triathlons and running and fell in love with the convince of Beachbody workouts. She is so dang passionate about helping women find their inner strength and feel empowered to live their best lives.
Jenny Daviscourt: Bride to be & homeowner who completely fell in love with Beachbody programs, and the community and support provided on a mission to inspire and empower women to live their best lives.
Kaylie Pierre: Wifey, mom of twins & a newborn who lost 50+ pounds TWICE, to then compete in a fitness competition, showing women that no matter what cards you are dealt with in life you can ALWAYS choose to inspire.
All of us COMPLETELY different stories and backgrounds and while alone we can do so little….but together?
We can change the freaking WORLD.
Congrats to the TOP 25 you babes are INCREDIBLE!!! Click here to find more coupon about car or park car
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Update : 19-01-2018
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