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This song is based on a french tune that dates to the 1400s

This song is based on a french tune that dates to the 1400s. The lyrics to Un Flambeau, Jeanettte, Isabella come from the Provence region of France. The song was originally written as a dance tune for the nobles. When published in a book of Christmas Carols in 1553, it began to be associated with the holiday. We didn’t get the English version until the mid-1700s. Who are Jeanette and Isabelle? History goes with the version created by the renowned French painter Georges de La Tour in a nativity painting where there are two young milk maids come to the stable to milk the cows. Jeanette and Isabella, the milk maids, are so excited to find the baby Jesus that they light torches and rush back to their village to share the news. Today in France children still dress as farm folk and sing the song as they process to midnight Christmas Eve mass.
The lyrics are said to have originated in either Anjou or Burgundy. They were paired with the melody and first published in 1553 by a wealthy nobleman in Cantiques de Premiere Advenement de Jesus-Christ.
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Austin for Christmas
We decided to record a collection of half ancient and half modern songs. And by modern I refer to the mid-20th-century gems which have become almost as classic as the traditional carols.
As it turns out, the songs in both categories go together beautifully. This owes a lot to Will's loving and masterful arrangements. His delicious jazz harmonies are delivered with a pristine subtlety worthy of a quiet firelit midwinter's eve. We went for less is more: a classical guitar, a violin, a couple of violas, and an occasional trumpet line supporting the vocals. If any music is suited to this crystalline economy, it's Christmas music. - KAREN MAL
However, if these bridges are too familiar to you, let's take a Thailand Cambodia Vietnam tour to discover more new things.
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Update : 24-03-2018
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