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Phu Tho - Vinh Phuc - Vietnam

are you ready for this?

are you ready for this? 
I think I’ll be giving bitcoin for Christmas SERIOUSLY... I’ve already gifted some to my sister Zhay. To be fair BitPay is a affiliate of PayPal and has been increasing their reach to make bitcoin transactions possible since before 2013. This may feel like it’s hitting mainstream and getting attention on the news and Facebook now, when the reality is that companies like BitPay have been expanding the infrastructure of crypto currency for about 5 years and are ready to support the growth and wide acceptance of this new form of money. eBay, Amazon, Tesla and other companies are just smart to cut out the middle man and save 1-3% on every transaction by using crypto currencies instead of Visa MC etc. The banking industry is in panic while the businesses are saying BRING IT ON. Get the basics for less or save on all of life’s fun extras here.
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Update : 02-01-2018
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