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Phu Tho - Vinh Phuc - Vietnam

 Mai Chau district now has 12 relics and scenic places, including 5 vestiges recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as "Hang Khoai", "Hang Chieu" Mai Chau), Japanese Cave, Hang Lang, Luong Cave (Chieng Chau). Historic sites and places of interest are always preserved and promoted cultural heritage. In addition, Mai Chau is also a place to preserve rich folk art treasures with features of the Thai and Mong ethnic groups through the activities of ancient people in festivals such as "rain rain" festival, Festival "Cháng" of the Thai ethnic group and festival "Gau tao" of Mong ethnic ...

The villages that are being developed nowadays include Ban Pho, Xam Khe commune becoming a cultural village - ecotourism; Xam Tang lake tourism project, Noong Luong commune; Hang Kia - Pa Co nature reserve, Tong Dau lake and traditional village tourism sites, to develop eco-tourism and cultural tourism to become an attractive tourist center of the western gateway. North.
Go to Mai Chau is about the diverse cultural identity varied by the various ethnic groups living here create. Thai people with stilt style typical of their own country, rice Lam everyone knows, spread the dance of the girls here. Then the Tay, Dao, Muong ... also contributed to create their own identity, not as possible as in the Mai Chau valley.
Since then, plus the natural scene available, as a valuable gift from nature, but the scenery here is also beautiful, Mai Chau has built up the community tourism in the village. different. Typical examples are: Lac Lac (Chieng Chau), Pom Coong hamlet, Mai Van village (Mai Chau village), ecological tourist village of Jump (Xam Khe), Voi village (Pieng Ve).
Preserving and promoting tangible and intangible cultural values ​​as well as tourism resources, aiming to develop community tourism, Mai Chau is introducing visitors to lifestyle tourism. , culture and customs of the peoples; To promote and exploit the natural conditions of material foundations, build cultural villages, restore traditional festivals and typical folk art; Developing trade villages associated with tourism such as weaving, knitting, making musical instruments, producing souvenir ...
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Update : 09-02-2018
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